USA visitor to St Clair Stud in Sydney.

In January 2006, The American Racing Pigeon Digest ran a six page article on our racing pigeon stud. This came about by an American pigeon fancier Steve Earl of Idaho, visiting his son in Australia. Seeing that his son lived just four kilometres away from us, he called in to see us at St Clair.

Steve took a few photos and after he returned to the USA, he submitted the following article to The Digest magazine in America. A copy of this magazine found its way across the Pacific to us and we placed the article on our site for fanciers to enjoy in far away countries who surf the Internet. This is the first time we have seen the magazine but I can tell you it is a first class production, well worth subscribing to. For those interested in subscribing to this magazine,

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Many thanks to Steve Earl for penning these flattering words about St Clair International Racing Pigeon Stud, home of the Australian Black Diamonds.

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