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"The Goldmine Cock"

Good story's don't happen often enough in todays day & age, ........ but this one is a beauty....

In 1995, young Kevin Gambell of Mt Druitt Pigeon Club in Sydney, wandered into our pigeon stud with a request for a pair of Janssen youngsters. He wanted them out of the nest so we let him have the pick of a batch that had just left their parents. The cock shown above was one of his selections. On 19th August 2003, some 8 years later, he brought this pigeon back to us to be photographed, along with another yearling pigeon of his that had just won a Federation race in the strong Central Cumberland Pigeon Federation.

Here is what the "Gold Mine" cock won and then produced as a breeder.

As a race pigeon "Gold Mine" won......

Molong, ..... 1st Club, 7th Federation.

Condobolin, .....3rd Mt Druitt "Squeaker Sale" .

Mt Victoria .....3rd RHD November Series.

Mt Victoria ..... 6th RHD November Series.

As a Grand-Sire... he bred birds to produce......

Kelso, ..... 4th Club, 11th Section, ...35th Overall Federation.

Kelso, ..... 1st Club, 1st Section, ... 1st Overall Federation.

Orange, ..... 1st Club, 1st Section, ... 2nd Overall Federation.

Orange, ..... 1st Club, 2nd Section, ... 11th Overall Federation.

Forbes, ..... 1st Club, 1st Section, ... 19th Overall Federation

Forbes, ..... 2nd Club, 2nd Section, ... 6th Overall Federation.

Condobolin, ..... 1st Club, 1st Section, ..... 1st Overall Federation.

Marulan, ..... 1st Club, 1st Section, ... 13th Overall Federation.

Yass, ..... 1st Club, 1st Section, 27th Overall Federation.

Orange, ..... 1st Club 1st Overall Federation. (Raced by B Eastcott).

As a Great Grand-Sire......his grand-children are still succeeding

1st Mt Druitt Squeaker Sale Race from Condobolin. ...... Only Bird on the day. Raced by G Johnson.

And below we show the latest winner bred down from "The Goldmine Cock"

2003 Condobolin Combine Race, 1st Club,..... 1st Section, ...1st Overall Federation ... 369 Flyers, ... 6,469 birds.

Blue Bar Hen, PHPS 02 1246, Winner 1st Federation.

" Too Easy "

The "Gold Mine Cock" is an Andre Berte Janssen with a direct line through "Champion Sheer Elegance" paired to "Champion The Stamvater"(VOS lines). Bred at St Clair International Stud Lofts and sold as a baby to Kevin Gambell of Minchinbury in 1995. Very satisfying to us as breeders .... and congratulations Kevin as well as thanks for the information & feedback.

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