St Clair STUd

Karaoke & Bamboo Bar


Over 30,000 songs to choose from.

Sydney's best KARAOKE night at

Nick's Bamboo Bar

Every Saturday Nite, at 7.30pm the music plays...

Move your mouse over the bar above to see the daylight view.


All your favourites to sing along with, every Sat nite! Sing it with Brenty

Every Saturday nite.... the music plays & the bat's come out to play....... and sing


Computer driven, 2,000 watts of power & 30,000 songs... We have all the music you need for a really good night of singing..



Electrical storm photo taken from the bar on 11th October 2007.



One hell of a HOT place when it rocks !!!!

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" Up in the tops of the palm trees, supping ale and singing... whata way to go" ....