Nick Brent

Photography can be one of the most satisfying pastimes of anyone's life. To me, it has provided me with an ongoing challenge, one that has given me a satisfaction that I have not been able to draw from any other interest.

It can be as frustrating as hell but when you manage to achieve what you have set in your minds eye, then the smile that crosses your face is more rewarding than a windfall on the lottery. Here are a couple of pictures I took that made me grin for a week. If you can't work out what I'm on about, don't take up photography, It'll send you round the bend. Apart from 10 million pigeon photos,I have a crate load of picks I've taken over the years on all sorts of subjects.

Anyway, here are a couple of samples of what a bit of patience can produce

This photo of a whale on the eastern coast of Australia, won the Award from the International Society of Photographers in the USA which was a world-wide photo competition.


A red Frangipani growing in my backyard and flowering at the tail end of summer..... late February. Just a beautiful colour.


The magnificent Australian Sea Eagle. This one took an offering of a fish we had caught on the Georges River just 10 kilometers from Sydney. This photo was published in a magazine in Asia.

Photography award medal.


A Red Hibiscus which is as big as a dinner plate, is growing in my front yard.


Click this photo above to see the stars in daylight

Click on this photo above to see a larger version that allows you to see the stars at 40,000 feet. I took this photo out of the window of a 747SP as I was on my way to the Philippines. On the enlarged version of this photo, the stars are very visible even though it was 2pm in the afternoon.


"Perfect Moment" is the name of this rose as it sits amongst another 38 roses down the rear of my backyard in Sydney.


Fishing on Botany Bay right under the flight path at Mascot International airport (Sydney Airport) ......... as this United Airlines comes in to land after 14 hours on the wing from the USA. We were lucky enough to be right on the spot to get this great photo of the Boeing 747.


Spent a week in Vanuatu in August 2004. An evening photo of the native workers crossing Port Vila harbour after a hard days work. Many of the workers live on the nearby Islands. The boats always carry double the allowable load.

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