"Vlekje's Star"

St Clair Stud's No 1 Van Geel Jan Aarden stock hen. She was bred at St Clair Stud from a direct imported daughter of "Champion Vlekje" the Dutch Dax National winner. "Champion Velekje" beat 10,000 birds and won a motor car for his efforts in winning the National & is a Dutch icon in the pigeon world. We were fortunate enough to procure a daughter off this great champion. "Champion Velekje" was purchased for 27,000 pounds at the sale where 168 lots brought a total of 188,000 pounds Sterling. St Clair Stud obtained youngsters from many of these Van Geel Jan Aardens through our UK partners.

We own 30 pairs of the best of the Van Geel Jan Aarden family including 3 children of "Champion De Smaragd II" that won the Dutch National & International from Barcelona 740 miles and was purchased for 77,000 pounds Sterling. (approx. $135,000 US)

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