In 1989, as the agents for Louella Pigeon World of England, we imported to Australia a number of key Janssen pigeons to add to our own breeding team. The management at Louella Pigeon World, being amongst the most astute and knowledgeable people in the pigeon business, recommended certain Janssen lines to us for addition to our Australian breeding centre. Louella Pigeon World obtained many key pigeons directly from Janssen Brothers. Since 1989, these Janssens have gone on to establish themselves as the best Janssens anywhere in the Southern none!!!

As John Ambler an old well known UK fancier once told us (actually my uncle)......." pigeon fanciers change their pigeon bloodlines like changing shirts...... they should find the good stuff...and stick to it. If they don't, they often get lost in the end. You can't make gold any better".

Two of our original Janssen acquisitions from Louella were bred from the following hen. We can now attribute more than 60 X 1st Federation winners directly through her. If you live in Europe....beat a path to Louella's door tomorrow..... and purchase anything remotely like her.........even if it is bred from the loft guard-dog!!!!

"Champion Sheer Elegance"

Details taken from Louella's Janssen reference book.

thank you..."Champion Sheer Elegance"

..........thank you Louella Pigeon World!!!!

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Louella Pigeon World of Leicestershire England, have purchased more National & International Winners in Europe than any other pigeon organisation....worldwide

It has been known for them to pay up to $280,000 Australian Dollars to buy a single pigeon ("Champion Invincible Spirit" ) the Dutch International winner 110,000 pounds) There have been many more purchases by Louella of birds of similar class, ("Champion De Smaragd II" , 77,000 pounds). Not only that but they also back their strategy up by purchasing close relatives to the performed birds so that their clients can build families from the source of the champion performers. Millions of dollars have been invested by Louella to ensure that the average everyday fancier can procure the very best available....... anywhere.

That's why St Clair stud staff travelled the 12,000 miles many times over the years to visit Louella where we selected our breeding lines. We have looked at the rest............ and settled for the Louella, where more National & International winners are housed than any other breeding stud. We have never purchased from any other source.

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