In 1991 "Kiwi" Ron McFadyen "crossed the ditch" (the piece of water between Australia & New Zealand called the Tasman Sea to you people from other part of the world),..... from New Zealand to pay us a visit at St Clair Stud in Sydney Australia. His sole purpose was to purchase some of our Janssen stock due to the fact that "Kiwis", (New Zealanders), have never been allowed by their government to import birds directly from Europe. With the new multi million dollar live bird quarantine facility in Australia now in existance (since 1989), it was possible to import birds from Australia into New Zealand. This effectively meant that European birds could be quarantined in Australia and then sent on to New Zealand. This position has now changed since 1996 with the New Zealand government now refusing to allow birds from any country into NZ.



Comment: ................... "Silly people, silly people, those NZ government guys".......... it's only 2 hours by plane to Sydney from Auckland........ Us Ozzie flyers wonder what all these visiting fanciers with Kiwi accents are doing with those pigeon eggs that they buy from us here in Oz ......for sure they aren't going into an omelette!!

Your government should get a quarantine arrangement organised ...quick smart........ before someone brings in an Avian health problem. Then the NZ chook farmers will really have something to whinge about!!!! " Better to have a look at what is coming into the country rather than to kid yourselves it's not happening. But then, Chook farmers have always been as thick as bricks. For years the Aussie Chook farmers prevented us pigeon fanciers from importing from Europe. Now look at the situation here in Oz. Some Australian chook farmers have all sorts of Newcastle disease problems with over a dozen farms having had to kill all their chickens with 100's of thousands of chooks being put down. Not a single pigeon in Australia has ever contacted Newcastle disease. It's about time the Quarantine people here got tough with them in regards to hygiene procedures. Apparently, the type of Newcastle disease in Australian chickens, cannot be caught by pigeons. It's an Australian variety and I'm told by a government authority that some pigeons living wild in the chook sheds were even drinking and feeding with the chickens yet none tested positive to the disease. All the chooks had to be put down. This is not a fairy story. Not a single pigeon tested positive even after living with the affected chooks.

We've spoken directly to some of the key government people in New Zealand and we can tell you that pigeon imports for Kiwi fanciers are way, way back on the back burner..........way back. Now we understand what the Kiwi fancier was on about when he told us........" we've given up waiting for these government guys to get their act together, we've got other arrangements now and we don't have to pay an import fee"

Anyway, in the meanwhile..... have a look at a Kiwi fancier who got in before the NZ government had a brain snap.............

What is possibly the best ever performance by a pigeon fancier.... in a single season. The result sheet has looked pretty similar in subsequent seasons for Ron McFadyen.

Read on..........(as published in the Australian Pigeon magazine... in its entirety).....



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