A One Loft Race........Super performance



The pigeons mentioned in this article, namely "Stamvater", "Golden Ball" & "Sheer Elegance", are the main three lines of our Janssens here at St Clair International Stud Lofts. When we decided to add Janssens to our stud lines way back, these were our selected birds. If you click on the link St Clair International Stud Lofts you will see these magnificent Janssens in full coloured photos. Thank you Louella Pigeon World of the UK for your guidance and recommendations at that time. We have produced dozens of big winners with these direct Janssens..

They say that self praise is no recommendation............... however, when you read of results like these, seeing is believing, in this case we don't have to say a word!!!The article shown below was published in the January 2002 issue of the Australian Pigeon Journal.

All of these birds were the result of our pigeon sales into New Zealand through Ron McFadyen of Christchurch who spent many hours with us at our stud in Sydney selecting his original "Stamvater", "Golden Ball" & "Sheer Elegance" Janssens a few years back.

St Clair Stud were the initial importers of these bloodlines and our several trips to the UK that resulted in over 700 birds being imported to our complex have resulted in over 100 X 1st Federation & Combine wins. Our own racing partner last year took out 17 X 1st prizes.

Ron, we want to also congratulate you on your great season racing our birds.........where you won every race on the calendar for the entire season. .....well done. Remember we told you at that time that the "Sheer Elegance" Andre Berte Janssens were truly the only 600+ mile Janssens that we knew of that can do the long ones as well as the sprints. Cross them with the mighty "Stamvater" blood and they are unbeatable!!!!! With our 7 different Janssen families to choose from, you picked to best.

For all the fanciers who believe that the "One Loft" racing is the true test of a pigeons ability.................. read this and wish!!!!

For our International readers & viewers.... just remember this........ In Australia and New Zealand...... especially New Zealand.... the weather is a curse most of the time. We don't let 50,000 birds go in a race liberation where they fly over dead flat countryside like they do in Europe. Often there are 50 or even lower amounts of birds released at 600 or more miles. Now that's a true test of racing. There are no passengers here mate,... I can tell you. We don't race in the warm summer weather....we race in the winter and almost on your own in regards to birdage numbers. The birds have to think for themselves through the mountains and over the water.

One other thing in reference to the performances listed below.................... The two Jan Aardens that were part of the five that made it on the night................... were also out of St Clair Stud Jan Aarden lines. Likewise the Dordin (Eddie Sixsmith lines)................ 5 out of 5 aint bad!!!!!!

Read on............and remember...... this was a ONE LOFT RACE. All on the same training schedule........and homing to the same loft...way down in the South Island of New Zealand. Read the story of people who know how to enjoy themselves.

Then click our link and see the birds that performed!!! St Clair International Stud Lofts


What a great story............... and what a great result for St Clair International Stud Lofts of Sydney.

Click here to go to the map that shows the route flown and how tough it is. No wonder it took 14+ hours. Note that from Invergargill (liberation point) to Kaikoura (loft).... is well over 700 kms. Measure it yourself on the interactive map, it's all coast & mountains..


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