Sydney, Australia

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Welcome to a pictorial tour of our Racing & Breeding center. Several different bloodlines are housed at St Clair. At the top of this selection of families, is our very own bloodline, the "Australian Black Diamonds". Our family has been in the Racing Pigeon sport for over a hundred years spanning four generations, so we think we have a fair understanding of Pigeon Racing along with all the joys & disappointments that it can bring. Allow us to add to your enjoyment by presenting some of our finest pigeons housed at St Clair Stud.



The Racing Loft at St Clair Stud.


Australian Black Diamonds, Dordins, Busschaerts, Jan Aardens, Bricoux, Maurice Verheye, Kuypers Bros, Van Der Wegen, 5 different Janssen families & Lefabe Dhaenens, all housed together here at St Clair.



Looking towards the Racing Loft from our breeding area.


The pigeons actually take their bath in the swimming pool and it is not uncommon to see the entire surface of the pool covered with floating pigeons. We try not to let it happen too often because pigeons do not present very well after going through the pool filter.



Click on "Skippy" our resident Kangaroo to go to our second page of loft views.