Our Tribute to a Champion

Over a 40 year period, we have produced a pigeon that has performed at a level above all others. She was bred in 1979 and was a pigeon in a million. Her brilliant racing record will never be beaten at this racing loft. One of our "Australian Black Diamonds", she would almost tell you when she wanted to perform. Here she is..........

SMPS 79 122...... "Black Beauty"


"Black Beauty"

Photo taken at 9 months of age

Bloodline.. Australian Black Diamond

Bred at St Clair International Stud, Sydney, Australia.

This photo was taken in 1980 shortly after she won Australia's most prestigious race,...the "Queens Cup". Although she was a smoky chequer in colour, her nest mate was the same colour as most of our "Australian Black Diamonds" which is a dark velvet colour. As a young bird & prior to racing, she was entered in the Penrith Show. She won the young hens section and was voted outstanding young hen.

At five months of age she commenced her racing life and quickly established a reputation for being first bird home, even beating the 2 & 3 year old birds. She was just pipped for 1st place in the Club Young Bird Derby by a fancier whose clock was later found to have "some unusual habits". The owner of the clock did not take another prize after his clock was declared "unfit for competition". Entered for the "Queens Cup" at seven and a half months of age, we backed her to win all the pools and wrote her ring number next to the winners position eleven weeks prior to this race being conducted. This was done during the consumption of a considerable quantity of Fosters at the club and after some light hearted bets were placed against her. Such was our confidence in this pigeon. We believed she could fly from a hotel in England ( to a fort in France and all the way around the world to Australia. Well, perhaps not that far, but we had total faith in her. She was a winner from the very beginning.

The rest is now history. On race day she did exactly what she had promised all her life. Taking 1st place as well as all the pools & betting money from Balranald a distance of 675 kms. Number of competitors ... 390. Number of birds competing ... 1889. This is a 5 bird limit entry.

In addition to winning the "Queens Cup", she also won the Central Cumberland All Age National (Australia's largest pigeon Federation). She also won our local club St Marys All Age Derby, all Pools & Jackpot.

Her blood now runs through our entire "Australian Black Diamond" breeding team. One daughter having her very 1st race of the year, won the club Young Bird Derby from 420 kilometres at 7 months of age. This type of performance is not unusual for this family of pigeons.

To handle her was a pleasure, she was average in size, very silky feathering, tight vents with a terrific thick black eyesign. The iris colour confirmation of her eyes looked like a mountain range.

Handled on basketing night for the National race, a colleague told me she was too fat to win. I told him there was a difference between fat & muscle........ especially when she was exercising up to 3 hours a day. You couldn't stop her unless you locked her up. At the finish of her preparation for the money races, we were only letting her out every second day in order that she didn't leave her "form" around the loft.

When this great pigeon passed away, we buried her under the main entrance to our new complex. Such was our respect and affection for her.

A pigeon in a million....a great looker........and performer.

This photo was taken when she was 10 years of age.

Photography, Nick Brent.

To the many fanciers around the world who truly love their pigeons and care for them, there comes a time when a special bird is produced. The pigeon shown above, is ours. This page will probably express your feelings about some of your own birds. Our backing song says it all......"I'll never find this recipe again". This writer shed a tear on the day this pigeon left us for the endless sky. If you come again, please let it be with us.


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page by a grateful Brenty, thanks SMPS 79 122, it was an honour.