The staple diet of our Fishing Club members...... Beer & the World - famous Sydney Rock Oysters.

Prised from their home on the waterfront rocks at Hawks Nest, NSW, Australia by an unsympathetic Brenty. How cruel can you be !!!

The Australian Sea Eagle, on the Georges River just 20 kilometres from Sydney. With a wingspan of 2 metres plus, they look magnificent as they soar over the river waiting to swoop down on any unsuspecting fish near the surface.

Late finish. With storm clouds rolling in, the team make it back to the launching ramp.

"Dinner is served" for our resident Sea Eagle.

Captain Santa Claus (AKA) Billy Hyde..... Bream fisherman extraordinaire.

Chief catcher & fish cleaner..... the old man of the river Billy Hyde.

"Reckon this guy looks like Hydey, Les?"

"Naw Brenty,... looks more like Derko except for the fish. Derko never catches anything ".

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