Sydney Australia


A World Record 1st.

The Australian lady pigeon fancier who has won three (3) motor cars.

In the Sydney region Kemps Creek Classic Car Race held each year since 2000, Poi Weynton of the strong Liverpool Club has won the race three years out of the four it has been conducted.


Car Winner year 2000.......

Car Winner year 2001.......

Car Winner year 2003.......


All of these winners contain the blood of St Clair Stud Janssens.


Deadly in the kitchen & deadly in the loft!!!

Poi shown here helping out at the St Clair Stud kitchen on the left in the "SG" T-shirt, has proven unbeatable in the rich Kemps Creek Car races with three car wins.

Winning three out of the four Car Races conducted to-date, Poi doesn't feel too bad about not winning the 2002 year race because her friend Joe Falzon of Bossley Park Club won that 2002 car race. Joe also won with a St Clair Stud Janssen.

The other lady on the right in the photo is Augustine Brent, wife of Cary Brent, son of the St Clair Stud proprietor, also a top pigeon fancier on the NSW North Coast.

Looks like the secret to win a car is to be handy in the kitchen..... and a few St Clair Janssens. A rumour going around the Sydney clubs is that a builder has been hired to extend her garage ready for next years Kemps Creek Classic Car Race win.

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Poi, certainly is our "Dancing Queen"

Congratulations Poi, a World class performance.