We offer a Pigeon Photo service for fanciers who want to display their winners & champions at home or at their pigeon club.

The Portrait includes all information regarding the birds details & performances. All photography is carried out without cutting or trimming of the birds image or outline. We don't supply cheap frames and we do not supply photos only. We supply, photo, caligraphy (writing) & framing. It's the complete job or nothing. We have had our share of experiences and so this is our policy.

Please note the following if you wish to avail yourself of this service.

If you make an appointment to have your birds photographed, keep the alloted time or let us know if you can't make it. We hate staying home to photograph some *&$#@#'s bloody pigeon and they don't turn up or have the decency to let us know that they have a problem keeping the appointment,...... especially if the fish are biting or the pub is open.

Leave us a deposit when we photograph the bird.

Overseas photography

Overseas fanciers please note. From time to time we find ourselves overseas carrying out pigeon photography. If you have a lot of work to have carried out in regards to pigeon photography, contact us for a quote. The pigeon photography throughout this site as well as the Australian Pigeon Journal site, was carried out by us. Our photos appear all over the world on various sites and are usually recognised by the fact the bird is a complete image without being "trimmed" around the head, feet and wings. See samples below and throughout our site........

3 of our "Sheer Elegance" Janssens photographed 29th September 04.

For a more in-depth look at how we do it or want to do it yourself, click here...

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