and the Homing Instinct



Eyesign...... imagination?.........myth?.........or a real indication of the homing ability of your pigeons to negotiate unknown territory and to consistantly return home in bad weather over long distances.


In the following pages..... we will look at some pigeons eyes that exhibit outstanding "eyesign". Many of these pigeons have performed with distinction over long distances in bad weather. Some have returned home from races in the dark, late into the night.

More importantly, we will get down to the nitty gritty of how birds of all species are able to navigate around the globe using a force that many of us never knew existed.


With the latest scientific information available, we now know how birds can negotiate the globe, some species from distances as far as 12,000 miles. In these pages we will explain the mystery that has baffled man for centuries.

The birds featured in these pages are the property of St Clair International Stud Lofts of Sydney Australia.


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